Christian Scientists Likely To Be Exempt From Government Vaccine Policy

Published April 17th, 2015

Last week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott defied the ever-growing odds and revealed a policy that seemingly has nationwide approval (hooray for you, T-bone! I knew you could do it).

The “No Jab, No Pay” policy dictates that as of 1 January 2016, any parents refusing to immunise their children against common diseases will forfeit their rights to childcare benefits and payments. However, it now appears that the full enforcement of this controversial law might not actually be so black and white.

In a guide written by the Department of Social Services (DSS) it has been revealed that the Christian scientists will by some act of higher power magic remain exempt from this policy, based on religious grounds, as they fundamentally believe that diseases are not real and that any ailment can be solved with prayer, therefore rendering vaccines unnecessary. Science, amirite?

So far, this is the only religious community to be offered exemption from the proposed policy, and will be required to provide DSS with an official letter that states they are practicing persons of the church before they can piss off everyone at the local preschool.

While anti-immunisation sentiments have been around since the introduction of vaccines, Australia, among other nations, have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent times (thanks Jenny McCarthy).

Whether you are for or against forced immunisations, the policy remains a significant move by the Abbott government that seems to have a wealth of support upon first glance.

Shot Tony. Shot.


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