The Jezabels On Binaries & Existentialism


Published September 29th, 2016

“We’ve had everything pulled out from under us. You don’t realise how much something means to you until it’s taken away. So we’re really looking forward to this album tour,” explains frontwoman Hayley Mary.

This metamorphosis for The Jezabels came from the unfortunate diagnosis of member Heather Shannon who for three years, battled with Ovarian cancer. The band postponed their world tour at the beginning of the year, which in turn, created a catalyst for a deeper exploration into a new philosophical direction.

“Cancer is a life stopper on every level…It’s cancerous but you have to see the silver linings,” says Hayley.

“We’ve all had to see what we’ve taken for granted over the years and how lucky we are to play all over the world with amazing people. We’ve come out of the end of a pretty hard time, not better off but we’ve all learned a lot mentally and psychologically.”

It’s easy to see why they’re a lot more existential. The album is more than a simple amalgamation of songs, collectively, the record explores “The Illusive Other” – that idea of an attraction so strong, you fear it. This idea between the conflicting binary between our conscious and primal nature as well as our desires versus our societal expectations.

“I delved deeper into the psychological side of being stuck between civilisation and nature. This idea of your synthetic, artificial self that you invent and carry around so liberating instead of seeing it as fake. You can create your own identity and it can be so liberating, something we’re not really told about by society. In Synthia, I was a creep for example because I like this idea of those who are the sexual object being the subject.”

“I feel we’re so repressed in our modernity and we’re often not directly addressing our primal feelings, desires and sexual perversions, I’m sure everyone regardless of gender or sexuality, feels guilt for having desires and this shame for it but our desires are entirely natural and human but if we go against, we’re seen as some morbid monstrosity. I can only post-rationalise though. We didn’t sit down and decide this. It just happened.”

And you will only post-regret it if you miss The Jezabels on this tour, their first in two years and their first since finding the silver linings and the liberation. All tickets here.


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