July 3rd, 2015

If you’re struggling to decide where to go for your gap year and sick of walking out into Sunday morning scattered and frightened, maybe Berlin is the place to be. At least that’s according to four Australian DJ’s who’ve decided to make the big move and set themselves up in the EDM capital of the world.

In their latest documentary, Australians in Berlin, Thump follow the lives of four expats living within the German capital for 24 hours and explores the reasons the artists ditched our ‘Strayan shores, the benefits of living in Berlin if you’re a DJ or general viber and/of EDM, and unforgettable images of the seedy nightclub and picturesque serenity that is the Deutchland.

“If you’re an artist or a musician you can come here and make your living by working a couple days a week” says one of the featured artists, Kate Miller. Also taking time from Tornado Wallace, Baron Castle, and Fantastic Man, they make Berlin seem like a sort of Eden for those wanting to produce and enjoy all forms of techno. “It allows you to kind of spend your days making music rather than having to juggle three jobs and do it on the side”, says Fantastic Man.

Though the connection between Australians and Germans love of the clubs has been long known, Australians in Berlin takes a sharper, clearer snapshot than we’ve seen before. Plus, it’s the same length as your average ambient dance track, so that’s convenient / probably not a coincidence.


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