Published 26th December, 2016

SN: Jon, how would you define yourself? A musician? A traveller? From what little information I’ve read about you, I’ve gathered you’re a unique character that doesn’t seem to fit into any category.

I am less than everyone else. I want to feel invisible. I’ve always felt disconnected from the world. My world is built in myth. Terror defines me and lust brings me to the surface. I am chaos and experience – absorption of the hellish landscape.

Is that disconnection the reason for your travels?

Other than escapism, I enjoy the landscape and the feeling of endless movement. There’s a strong sense of harmony traveling alone. You hear more, you see more. I started traveling when I was very young and and through those travels, I discovered rock and roll and it changed my life forever. I’ve had a a lot bizarre experiences and visions wandering the Arizona desert alone.

Can you tell me more about these visions?

They are spiritual in the vague sense of the word – a conflict. Some of these visions make me forget who I am. Sometimes I am absorbed in fear and wonder. The common thread between my hallucinations is the feeling I’m pushing my body to its farthest points and into the other. My music exists as a time capsule for these experiences.

One night, in the Sonoran, I woke up close to dawn with a strange urgency to get up and leave the area where I was stationed. I started blindly walking into the horizon and suddenly a cryptic hum filled my ears. I was elevated to a frenzied state. I started to run faster and faster until my own anxiety caused me to collapse. The humming slowly faded away and I felt enough strength to get up. As I started to walk I noticed a figure shifting about the shrubbery in front of me, I realised it was a small child.

The child was androgynous to my understanding. Covered in rags with a vacant stare. I knelt before it and broke down in tears. I asked the child if I was dying and there was no response. I wasn’t sure how to feel.

In a state like that you act on a very automatic impulse. I asked again. The child fell to the ground and turned to dust as blood started bubbling from the earth below. The same humming returned so loudly that I couldn’t hear myself breathe. Everything faded quickly after that, there was no light, no noise, nothing. I woke up in the daylight hours later covered in sweat.

You don’t have social media or an email address. There’s no information about you online and right now we’re speaking through your friend’s phone. Why are you so absent from technology?

We live in a time where everyone is a click away on a computer, there’s no privacy whatsoever. Technology in idle hands is abstraction. It renders itself useless. Social media specifically is an uninspiring platform for me. I want my music to speak for itself. These songs are my stories. I’ve always felt that musical expression is the one true voice that separates us from the animals.

How do you manage to continue to be a musician with your lifestyle?

I constantly borrow or steal equipment for the purpose of recording. It keeps the process consistent with my lifestyle. I don’t want to change that. I create music alone because I live in solitary .

What do you want people to take from your stories?

I just want to put people in a place outside of how they normally function. That’s my definition of rock and roll. These are songs that I hold close to me. Music is a way to speak within the human condition. This spirit emanates from the core of my being.



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