Ben Wright Smith And The Debut Album He Never Intended To Release

Published March 23rd, 2017

It’s common knowledge that writing, recording, mixing and mastering a record doesn’t happen overnight. It’s also no secret that the process can take more than two years. So what is particularly revealing with Melbourne singer/songwriter, Ben Wright Smith, is that his debut record The Great Divorce was never created to fill a void outside the studio walls.


“In those two years, I went from playing and writing songs for the fun of it to deciding to actually bring something out. There wasn’t any intention to release a record,” explains Wright Smith.

“For me, it was more trying to get something to sound right. It was about recording the songs we wrote that we liked at the time. I think what happened was a cool way to do it. I didn’t choose for it to take this long. It chose me.”

Once the decision was made, The Great Divorce soon became an eclectic sound of folk, psychedelic and indie pop, with shredding guitar lines and crooning lyrics of life on the road. For his debut, Wright Smith collaborated with Ali Barter, Tyler Millott (Husky, Ali Barter), Jesse Williams (Leah Senior, Girlatones) and Andrew Braidner (Stonefield, Ali Barter, Redcoats) and enlisted renowned artist Oscar Dawson for production duties. The Great Divorce was not only an opportunity to work with great artists and release a high class album, but it naturally lead Wright Smith to grow into a more mature, defined musician.

“That process of just working on recording and making music, I became better at guitar, singing, songwriting, producing and was able to put more thought into how a band gets orchestrated. Working with Oscar as well and him producing it; everything else we’ve recorded has been in a bedroom or a barnhouse.”


Despite the evolution, Wright Smith remains honest to himself and his passions – one of which is travelling. Defining himself as a former “Traveller First, Musician Second” to now “Musician First, Traveller Second”, Ben’s attitude of locality and travelling is exemplified in his touring. Last year, on the release of his single ‘Sand Grabber‘, Ben played 35 shows all over Australia and now, with the backing of the Contemporary Music Touring Programme grant, Ben is set to play all over Australia in both regional and remote areas in a giant 42 show national tour, launching Thursday, 20 April.

“As an Australian artist, it’s pretty common to get restricted to an East Coast run but there’s so much more out there and so many people to meet. I’ve always been more attracted to playing the local show rather than the stadium side of music. I had some of the best times playing in remote communities in Australia. It’s important to know your personality as an artist and for me, it’s travelling and playing shows.”

Right now, it’s a defining moment for Wright Smith who’s transitioning from a hobbyist to a professional artist but one thing’s for certain, he shouldn’t keep any secrets like this album again. Stoked for the share BWS. Grab a copy here.


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